Military Grade Encryption for the you, your business and your file - at a fraction of the cost!



Do you know that your data can be copied, hi-jacked and even manipulated as it travels unprotected from your computer to cloud servers across the Internet?


Regardless of which password you use, company servers will hold in some form passwords, IP addresses, identifiable data relevant to you. How do you keep this secure?


How do we send sensitive and secured data to our colleague, friends, family, companies at scale - without changing the services and processes we already use?.

Our Approach

In 2018, your data is you - whether you are a company or an individual. The real question is whether it is an asset or liability? In the wrong hands, individuals and companies can exploit your data for their own financial, political or social gains. Or worse, criminials could exploit your vulnerabilities and hold your data to ransom - a common experience for far too many businesses all across the world holding sensitive and private data.

The 2encrypt software works to package your precious data as it travels across the internet, across data centres and between internet nodes. The program applies the latest 256AES encryption algorithm, meaning that it is virtually impossible to break by brute force attack even by the fastest computers around.

    Unlike the other encryption plaforms, the 2encrypt software applies the following principles designed to minimise breach probability and access even when a breach occurs:

  • Time tested and trialed security frameworks - encryption occurs at the computer level meaning that nothing unecrypted will pass through the internet or cloud.

  • Latest and most secure cyptography algorithms - to ensure that even if a breach occurs, your data is protected and virtually impossible to unlock, let alone access.

  • Mlitary-grade encryption standards and systems - we bring the best practice and encryption standards adopted by miltary networks, government agencies and sophisticated international corporations to you.


How it works?

Pay only for what you use

  • AES-128 Encryption
  • Up to 10MB each file
  • One file each time
  • Fixed encryption/decryption passphase, depends on login password
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$ 10 /mon
  • AES-128 Encryption
  • Up to 500MB each file
  • Multiple file each time
  • Manually entered encryption/decryption passphase
$ 20 /mon
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Up to 1GB each file
  • Multiple file or a folder each time
  • Manually entered encryption/decryption passphase

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